Since 2015, K.P Dennis has worked with Raising Voices to bring poetry into schools. They've taught workshops in schools all over Vancouver Island, ages ranging from elementary to university, as well as stand alone workshops for a multitude of organizations.


These workshops use interactive games and exercises to deepen our connection with sensory writing,  explore creative metaphor creation, and foster experimentation in voice, syntax, and performance.

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ages: 9 - 18


the THCC Method

Using the concepts of Truth, Honesty, Care, and Compassion, we deep dive into our innate truths to expand our understanding of ourselves, creating intimate, visceral work.

Available Online.

ages: teen - adult

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In this workshop we explore the stories that live inside our bodies. Using movement exercises, poetry exercises, and meditation, we create deeply personal performance pieces about our stories of becoming - our creation stories.

Available Online.

ages: teen - adult



Curated to your specific needs, these workshop takes an introspective approach, looking inwards to explore the ways white supremacy and colonialism exist within ourselves, how that affects our values and beliefs, and the consequential actions these culminate into with our interactions with racialized people. 

Includes terminology education, history, interactive exercises, and intimate self-reflection.

ages: 12 - adult.

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