To: arts companies, non profits, community organizations, human resources, work place staff and management etc.

  • white supremacy (internal and external)

  • decolonizing the workplace 

  • implementing systems that prevent harm, and create accountability measures that centre and protect those harmed.

To individuals on their artistic projects,

  • providing insight on racial biases,

  • inauthentic portrayals of experience,

  • general editing/dramaturgy.

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Hire me to facilitate your event, workshop or panel discussion!


What to expect:

  • safe space curation

  • zero tolerance policy

  • vulnerability, openness, joy

  • community creation



- Collective Grief // Collective Futures

    Legacy Art Gallery - 2020

- Queer Resistance: The Power of QT2BIPOC Futurisms

 Victoria Festival of Authors - 2020

- The Moose in the RoomHere Magazine -  2020

-Sche'chulth: Decolonizing the Arts in Victoria

Primary Colours - 2019

 "Thank you especially to KP - I was struck with how they held everyone's expressions of grief with such compassion and empathy, and how smoothly they guided the conversation towards an imaginative and generative place. They did an amazing job facilitating, and I would love to attend any event they were a part of."

 - collective grief // collective futures

    Legacy Art Gallery, 2020

Hire me to curate your workshop series, art galleries and performance nights!


What to expect:

  • QT2BIPOC+ programming

  • talented, poignant artists

  • trauma informed practice

  • great teamwork!


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 - Vogue Jam Workshop Curator 2020

- Urban Night: COLORQODED 2018

- A Good Night Out 2017 

- Reclaiming Space! A QT2BIPOC Art Exhibition 2017

- An Exploration of the Human Body 2016