K.P DENNIS is a Black (Sierra-Leonean, Afro-Caribbean)  non-binary multi-disciplinary artist, producer, director, and activist. Working in theatre, poetry, prose, movement, visual art, and film.

They were the 2016 Youth Poet Laureate of Victoria, were the recipient of the 2017 VACCS Community Recognition Award, and in 2020 they received the Witness Legacy Award for Social Purpose and Responsibility Through Art . 

In February 2020 they released a chapbook entitled Growing Pains, available for purchase here. And are currently working on their new play, Call Me Liberation , with funding through Canada Council for the Arts. 


Artist Statement

I am an inter-disciplinary artist working in theatre, poetry, prose, film, movement, and visual art. Over the past six years, my work has focused on themes of race, gender identity, sexual abuse, and healing. Speaking to the internal questions of “Who am I?, What is my journey of becoming?” And the societal questions of “Whose job is it to heal us?” and “Where do we go from here?”


As such, my work exists in two consciousnesses. One that directly address white audiences, using immersive theatre to disrupt their sense of comfort, deconstruct the framework in which they thrive, and play with their distorted perceptions of black bodies on stage.


Inside the other consciousness lies my passion; black futurisms, sci-fi, and fantasy. Reimagining our past and futures though a liberated, decolonial lens. Writer Walidah Imarisha wrote, “We are science fiction walking. Our ancestors dreamed us up, and then bent reality to create us...they dreamed of freedom, and they brought us into being.”


This is the root of my work.


The power of liberated imaginations, the physical, spiritual, and emotional work it takes to create a whole new way of being, and the idea that the past, present, and future exist all at once; through our physical bodies, spirit, ancestors, and land. I explore who we have unbecome to become who we are, and what we will have to do, who we have to become, to liberate our futures.


In my work I explore moments of change contingent on choice, play with space/time to weave journeys of becoming, and infuse magic into the essence of the worlds I build. I disrupt notions of gender, and blend mediums to create immersive experiences for the audience to lose themselves, and find themselves in.

Mission Statement

Our mission is Black liberation. Plain and simple. 

Using art to heal ourselves, our ancestors, and our audiences, we create pieces to liberate our collective consciousness, to free our imaginations, and radicalize y'all to change the world.